About the Re-Homing Process

Turkish Vans that come to us arrive from a variety of sources.  Breeders sometimes have cats that missed the window of opportunity to get sold through regular channels; Animal control facilities alert our networks to T. Vans that have been delivered to them and of course, families sometimes have to part with their cats for a variety of reasons.

Cats from breeders generally get placed quickly and tend to better adjust to their new circumstances more quickly.  That’s because they are used to being in a multiple cat household, they have been receiving attention and have not ever been mistreated.  Cats arriving from shelters or from families tend to need a bit more time and help through the process.  Turkish vans generally despise being in cages or otherwise cooped up for long periods of time so they aren’t in a good mood if they’re coming from a shelter.  And since the families that they come from are always experiencing a lot of stress those cats arrive very stressed out.

If they come in a pair, we keep them together, otherwise we give them their own room and keep all other cats out.  The cat has as long as it needs to sit in a corner and hide from everyone.  All the cats need at least a full day like this.  Most need somewhere around a week and we had one that stayed that way for almost a month.  The cats are so afraid that their only comfort is sleep.  They need this time to acclimate themselves to the new sights, the other cats they might encounter at the door and especially the new sounds.  Eventually, they start coming out of their emotional shell and start exploring in a limited area and interacting with us.

At this time, we begin to determine what sort of personality the cat has.   Depending on what the cat has been through, this can be very quick or it can take a long time. (Up to six months.)  This is very important because the better we are at this, the more likely we will be able to place the cat in just the right home.  Turkish Vans of course, have their own breed personality characteristics.  They are vocal, stubborn, very active and somewhat high strung as well as possessing a lot of curiosity and intelligence.  However,  they have their differences.  Gizmo was shy, and extremely sensitive.   We got him a quiet home where he is doted on.  Samson and Delilah were outgoing, rambunctious and very friendly and warm.  They got a family with children.

We also alert people to possible problems they might have with the cat.  Turkish Vans bite and scratch when they are unhappy and being as big and strong as they are, they can do damage.  for this reason, we find out what sort of personality or physical issues the cat might have and communicate this to potential owners.  Some don’t like being held; one of them didn’t like having his feet touched.  The point is that we don’t want anyone unhappy.  If we’re honest then the outcome is a good one.  The cats are happy, the people are happy.  Everyone wins.


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