Craig and Carmel Weiler & Our Vancats

Let’s put some faces to the names:

Craig Weiler:


Carmel Weiler


Our Turkish Vans:


We bought him as a kitten and had him flown in from Texas.  He is now two years old.



Came from Agoura Hills Animal Shelter (Near Los Angeles) in August of 2008.  According to his records he is 11 years old.  His family had to give him up due to being evicted.  (We don’t know much more than that.  We have no contact information.)  He is a human induced variation on the breed known as a “cream” for his lighter color.  We don’t know who the breeder is so there is a possibility that he is not a papered cat.



Came from Oakland this year.  She is 13 years old.  Her family had to give her up when the wife re-married and the husband did not get along with her cat.  She is purebred.


And here is our current visitor, Ivana:

Came from Santa Barbara.  The family contacted the breeder who contacted us.  Her family got divorced.



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