The Samson and Delilah Ohio to Oakland Run

Jeanine got contacted by a family (A. Dicken) in Ohio that had a couple of Vans that needed a new home.  6-29-09  The word was that these were pleasant cats that could tolerate a family with children.  (Not always a sure thing with Vans.)  She put the word out that a new family was needed and we began looking.  Jeanine was contacted (7-15-09) Carmel was contacted by Melissa in Oakland (7-17-09) and Carmel gently brought up the idea of her taking a brother and sister pair instead of just one.  Melissa had no idea what a Turkish Van looked like, so we invited her over to our house (7-18-09)to have a look at the breed first hand.  She liked the cats and agreed to take the cats from Ohio unseen.

Prior to this Jeanine had began to work on the details of transportation. 6-26-09 put it out to the yahoo groups to help out.  By 7-6-09 she had volunteers to caravan S&D to California.  It was going to be a long trip.  Wendy Johnson picked up the cats 7-30-09 and takes them to Indiana for a few days.  Then she travels to NM. 8-2-09.  8-6-09 Erica (breeder in NM) takes the cats from NM to Arizona.  Stay Thurs. through Sat. with George and Beth.  Sat.  8-8-09 Take them to Blythe, CA where they are handed off to Jeanine who takes them to her home in Northridge CA.  Stay the night with her.  On 8-9-09 We take them back with us to Woodside, CA after a stop in Arastadero to show the cats to a prospective TV owner who later decides to adopt a brother and sister TV named Pigeon and TW.

Melissa’s family was on vacation at this time, so the cats stayed with us for a month before moving to their new home.  This is a long time to hold onto Vans.  They don’t just sit in a corner.  They are big, curious and active and were soon all over the place.  Finally the day came and we drove them up to Oakland 9-11-09 where they have lived happily ever since.


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